About 關於我

I am Barbara Witt 衛易萱, Sinologist and Bibliophile. While I was writing my PhD thesis about Nezha 哪吒 in Fengshen yanyi 封神演義, I was asked if there was any merit in studying an obscure character in an obscure book. My answer is: of course!

Those books are interesting, often messy and sometimes funny. Though they generally don’t possess the same literary quality as their famous counterparts, they are nevertheless worth the read.

Reading obscure books feels like going into unchartered land. This brings a feelings of adventure, but can also be very lonely, when you are the only person at your university who has ever heard of this book. Through this blog I hope to connect with people around the globe who also find pleasure in reading Chinese works of little renown, so that we may embark on this adventure together.